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Race Across Maryland

Wed June 15 - Wed August 31 Anywhere, MD 21075 US

2021 Course Blog

We encourage you to follow CSE staffer and avid cyclist Mark Clem who will be blogging about landmarks and hotspots along the route and provide some color commentary about The Race Across Maryland over the course of the 60 days. In general he will follow the 5 miles per day and identify things you may see at those mile marks if you were actually taking the journey from West to East. By car, the mileage from West to East is probably closer to 300 miles, but we didn't want to push our luck and make you do those extra 50 miles. Plus, if we are going into this virtual world, who wouldn't want to fly like a bird!




Aug 25

We're at the beach and on the boardwalk with our friends at Backshore Brewing! Picture this! A long day on the beach. All day swimming in the water. Sounds like it's time to walk up to the boardwalk and grab a cold beer from a local favorite! Doesn't get much better than that!

Aug 16

Hey Folks! We're back and we are on Coastal Highway in Ocean City, Md! When you are a Maryland icon like the Greene Turtle, we had to visit you twice-- Once in Wes0ern Maryland and now again in the East! See what the Ocean City Greene Turtle has to offer! Are you making a trip down to the beach you have to stop by and grab an Orange Crush!

Aug 5

Hey Folks guess what?! We are almost to the beach! These owners built their brewery from the ground up & and it is a must visit! They have their own craft brews, but they have tons of events going on this year!
Learn more!

Aug 3

Technical glitches got us today.  We stopped by Evolution Craft Brewing Company and talked with one of the owners Tim Knoll.  Not sure what happened but we've lost the video... It was a great discussion and a place you want to visit trust me!  Evolution Brewing is more than just good beer. The company started with two brothers. One with a passion for craft beer and one with a passion for good food! Together the started the brewery! Have you ever been to evolution Craft Brewing? 

July 28

Starting today, all our Corrigan Sports staff members will be out of the office for one of our biggest summer events... The Under Armour All American Lacrosse Tournament! Did you know CSE does more than just races 😉
Learn more about Corrigan Sports here:

July 27

Taking a break from the vlog today! But we are increasing your chance of winning a gift card!! Share a photo of where you are running today down in the comments for the chance to win a prize!

July 26

The Eastern Shore Brewery located in downtown St. Michaels and has been around for over 10 years now! Husband and wife, Adrian and Lori Moritz opened the brewery in 2008, but a lot of people don't know their journey started in Vermont long before 2008. It was up north when a young Adrian came to the realization that, yes, one might have to be 21 to buy beer, one did not have to be 21 to buy grain. They say the lighting bolt from that idea was bright enough to be see as far north as Quebec. Over time Adrian honed his craft with home brewing, 5 gallons, 10 gallons and so on upward and headed to St. Michaels!


July 25

Today and tomorrow are rest days for Mark and the Race Across Maryland crew.  Take a break yourself or log some miles and award yourself by visiting one of our supporters.

July 23

Hey Folks! Mark Clem here for another VLOG on the Eastern Shore. We are getting closer and closer to the beach, but first we had to stop at RAR brewery in Cambridge!
Now you have definitely seen RAR around town, with the little dinosaur on the can? yep that's the one! But there are tons of cool things about this place! Learn more by watching today's video!


July 22

Our vlog is well into the Eastern Shore by now, so we thought we would share some trails for all those in the area! Check out the South Island Trail in Kent Island! The trail begins at Matapeake State Park and ends at Romancoke Pier, offering an off-road route for bicyclists, walkers and runners from the Chesapeake Bay to Eastern Bay. Along the way, the trail passes several residential neighborhoods and the Blue Heron Golf Course! Finishing at a beautiful fishing pier!

July 21

By now you are familiar with our Social Team program, and we wanted to highlight them a little more. Today we did a random raffle of all our social teams for the chance to win some gift cards! And our lucky winner is...

July 20

You know it's a good stop when we went back this year! Who remembers when we visited Ten Eyck Brewing Company last summer?? They have made many changes since then! Take a look!

July 18

Today and tomorrow are rest days for Mark and the Race Across Maryland crew.  Take a break yourself or log some miles and award yourself by visiting one of our supporters.

July 17

Hey everyone! You know we are by the Bay bridge and we HAD to stop to talk about our new race… the Bay Bridge Run! 
The race starts on one side and ends on the other side! Crazy right!? Learn more by watching today’s video and visiting 

July 16

When you are headed to the beach and need a little pit stop after making that trek across the Bay Bridge, check out Fields of Heather Bakery! I've become quite the expert in sweets after this and let me tell you, you gotta try these cookies!

July 15

Check out today's stop.. it's a sweet one! Blue Crab Cupcakes is a MUST try when you are in the Annapolis area. I mean, did you see that Key Lime cupcake?? YUM!

July 14

Today is a rest day for Mark and the Race Across Maryland crew.  Take a break yourself or log some miles and award yourself by visiting one of our supporters.

July 13

Alright! We are making our way to the beach, but first we had to stop in Annapolis! And we were told by many to check out Ceremony Coffee Roasters

July 12

Hey folks! We are back after a long race weekend in Frederick! We hope some of you were able to join us and have some fun. Today we are in Columbia visiting Touchet Touchet Bakery! Voted best bakery in Howard County! Check it out!

July 9

Alright folks...  We are taking a break from the vlog because our entire staff, including vlogger Mark Clem, is out putting on the Frederick Running Festival this weekend!  We will be back on July 12.
Come out and join us! There is a 5K and Kids Fun Run Saturday Night and Half and 2-person Relay Sunday morning! Check it out and register here:

July 8

Happy THURSDAY friends! We are almost to the weekend!! We are cruising on through the state and have found ourselves in Baltimore!! We were told we NEED to stop at Diablo Donuts in the city. And don't let the name fool you, they are as sweet as could be! Check out some of their awesome flavors!

July 7

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today we are swinging by a brewery that we loved so much we knew we needed to come back... Elder Pine Brewing & Blending Co in Gaithersburg! Elder Pine is a great place to relax and enjoy some ice cold beer. Between the summer flavors they have available and the delicious food trucks, you can't go wring with Elder Pine!

July 6

We hope everyone enjoyed yesterday's detour, but we are back a little west in Damascus! You guys know the drill.. this year the theme is breweries and coffee shops! And this place has BOTH! Check out what a good time at The Music Cafe!

July 5

Hey folks! We hope you enjoyed the holiday weekend and hopefully some of you have off today and are still enjoying the long weekend! We thought it would be appropriate to take a detour today and visit the beautiful and historic Fort McHenry!

July 4

Today is a rest day for Mark and the Race Across Maryland crew.  Take a break yourself or log some miles and award yourself by visiting one of our supporters.

July 3

I've enjoyed plentyyy of unique beers along my journey, but today I decided to mix it up. We are visiting the Black Ankle Vineyard! What a beautiful spot! If you are a self proclaimed wine connoisseur like myself, you have to try this place. They've got everything from a Hard Chardonnay to a great Pinot Noir! And like our interviewee Brooke said, they just have great wine!

July 2

Well, we are slowly making our way to the beach! Today we stopped on the beautiful Mt. Airy at the Red Shedman Farm Brewery. Does this view look familiar? That might be because you have visited the Linganore Winery! What could be better, wine on one side and beer on the other! Learn about Red Shedman Brewery 

July 1

Hey folks! We are out of Frederick and have entered Union Bridge and we got many suggestions to stop at the Flood Zone in Union Bridge! And this place has A LOT of history. Originally operating as a family-owned grocery store in the 1960’s, this historic building has survived countless storms over the last sixty years. Check out everything this brewery has to offer!

July 30

Some of you may not know this, but the one and only Vlogger, Mark Clem, is from Frederick, Maryland! So we had to make a few stops in his beloved town! And this is the last stop on the Frederick tour- Attaboy Beer ! And guys... you NEED to check out this stop! I mean look at the beer garden... And the music in the background... What a party! Check it out below!

July 29

Today we went and saw our good friends from Glory Doughnuts & Diner and they are doing big things! We visited them last year back when they were in downtown Frederick, but they had to move their HQ to something bigger and better to make event more doughnuts and host their guests! Check out the new location

July 28

We just finished up in Middletown and now we are in the beautiful Frederick Maryland! And anyone that has been to Frederick know, you NEED to stop at today's brewery! Brewer's Alley is a STAPLE in the Frederic Community. Good food, good beer... what more could you ask for!?

July 27

Today is a rest day for Mark and the Race Across Maryland crew.  Take a break yourself or log some miles and award yourself by visiting one of our supporters.

July 26

We have found ourselves at Deb's Artisan Bakehouse in Middletown, Maryland! This is the first bakery that we have visited that has a new menu WEEKLY! But don't worry, if you make a specific request that isn't on the menu at that time, they will still whip it up for you!

July 25

Alright folks this next stop is a MUST go! Krumpe's Do-Nut Shop Inc. is located in Hagerstown and has been around 80 years and there is a reason they are still around! Learn more about their small business below!

June 24

We think it's time to enjoy a nice cold one!! So we decided to stop at Cushwa Brewing Company Check out the video below to learn more!

June 23

Hey everyone! We are skipping the pies and beers today and hitting another trail! The Western Maryland trail is a 26 mile paved route that is from Little Orleans to Hancock, Maryland! The western portion of the Western Maryland Rail Trail is blessed with magnificent views of the Potomac River. To the east, and just past downtown Hancock, you can buy trailside snacks from our friends at Blue Goose Fruit Market & Bakery!

June 22

Today we stopped at the Blue Goose Market in Hancock, MD! The logo might look familiar, and that's because it is right off of route 70! Next time you're traveling west, you NEED to stop at this Food Market/Bakery! Blue Goose Fruit Market & Bakery

June 21

2021 marks the 50th anniversary of the C&O Canal National Historical Park! Whether you prefer to bike miles each weekend, enjoy a leisurely stroll along the river’s edge, drop a line and wait for the big one to bite, or soak up 200 years of history, the C&O Canal has the outdoor recreation adventure for you!  Stretching 184.5 miles along the Potomac River from Georgetown in Washington D.C. to Cumberland, Maryland, the C&O Canal hosts nearly 5 million visitors each year who enjoy its recreational, cultural, historical, and natural resources.  You can learn more HERE.

June 20

Today is a rest day for Mark and the Race Across Maryland crew.  Take a break yourself or log some miles and award yourself by visiting one of our supporters.

June 19

There are some great places to run or ride in Western Maryland.  If you are looking for a new spot, head to Frostburg and get on the Great Alleghany Passage (GAP) trail.  This connects Pittsburgh, Pa. to the C&O Canal tow path all the way to Washington, D.C. and you never have to battle road traffic!  You can lean all about this 150 mile route here:

June 18

The Greene Turtle is a Maryland staple with locations all across the state plus they partner with local breweries to offer at their bars & restaurants.  

June 17

Deep Creek Donuts is where its at! And right next store, the Lakeside Creamery!  Hand made donuts and ice cream on the shores of beautiful Deep Creek Lake in Garrett County!

June 16

This hidden gem is far from the beaten path but worth the journey!  Farm fresh and family friendly café in farm country. Choose from a variety of homemade items to take home from the bakery or Eat a delicious breakfast or lunch inside or on the deck.

June 15

We are firing up the bandwagon up beginning in the mountains of Garrett County and finish up at Ground Zero at the beach in Ocean City!  Your support will help support the Maryland Food Bank and small businesses who are still trying to come back after the pandemic.  It Starts TODAY with Mark Clem and the Race Across Maryland!


June 14

We get started tomorrow!  Who is ready for the Race Across Maryland!  Watch this Kick Off video to get yourself pumped!  Still time to grow your social team so keep recruiting!


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